About Us


OEB opened its doors in October of 2009. Our 36 seat diner is chef driven and locally owned by chef Mauro Martina. He is the driving force behind the scenes. His culinary vision & passion for the art of cooking has acclaimed him many culinary awards amongst some of the top chefs in the country. His belief is to change the breakfast scene one dish at the time, by working together with local producers and entrepreneurs, to achieve the ultimate in breakfast dining. The menu changes twice a year, by integrating new techniques of preparation with seasonal local ingredients. His passionate, hard working team is what makes OEB today, and for that he is forever grateful.

In the fall of 2010 we finally achieved to produce our own flock of chickens, and the free run, dark yolk, Omega 3 egg was born. Two large barns are dedicated to OEB's enormous consumption of eggs.

Did you know that we go through well over 3000 fresh eggs a week? Last year we used well over 180000 fresh eggs at OEB, that's a lot of eggs!

Also, all our meats are gluten free and custom made from our recipe collection by Paolini's Meats, one of Calgary's best sausage makers. Our breads are all natural with no preservatives added and are freshly hand made every morning by our European baker.

Our latest innovation was to cook all our potatoes in Organic duck fat. Why? Duck fat is all natural. It's also a classic staple in traditional French cusine, and it's what our ancestors used hundreds of years ago, well before any of the modified cooking oils available today. Yes there is corn or sunflower oil, but there is no flavour comparison as cooking potatoes in duck fat, I promise!

All our meats are naturally raised without the use of hormons or other non natural products. We only use Birkshire hogs, Prime Black Angus beef, and our own free run chickens.

In 2012,OEB was nominated Best Brunch by Where Magazine, and was voted best Brunch for 2013 by the Calgary Herald reader's choice awards. We are proud of this achievement and know that we could have not done it without you. We thank you.

Alison LaFrance from Whippt desserts is the pastry chef for some of OEB 's exceptional baked goods you can contact them here www.whippt.ca

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